i went through your notes. seems like u were pretty depressed back then. but hey! cheer up! u’re cute :)

LOLLLLLLL Thank you!  @prettyseriouslycute

The reason I stay

She’s the main reason i’m not wanting to leave portland but at the same the the reason why I want to leave. It’s so fucking stressful dealing with her. We normally are fine but for some reason she always mood swings and it just gets awful because we are both the type of people to stay quite when we are mad. Idk what to do anymore, i’m just super overwhelmed… .

Today 4/13/13

I talked to her today. I loved it. It was so sweet. We just chit chatted. It was very relaxing. But I miss her a lot and I told her that I did. I hope we get to talk more even if we aren’t together I just want us to be close. I really wanted to see her today.